Hi, We Are Leaders Elite.


In 2007 Stuart Hall a Computer Science Graduate from the University of Calgary and Concordia University started building web sites and marketing systems for Realtors. Very quickly he recognized clients and their customers showed unique behaviors online when they were interested in buying or selling real estate.


Life events and behaviors such as having a child, earning a job promotion, relocating to a new city, marriage and divorce (and many others) corresponded with a higher likelihood that a person was more willing to buy or sell right away.


Using the power of social media and many online platforms and data, we were able to target higher qualified individuals with relevant ads within seconds of these life events being posted. This effectively reduced the costs to our customers and increased conversion rates and improved our overall ROI for our customers by 800%. The beginning of a whole new way to generate business for our customers began.


In 2016 Stuart, not one to rest on his laurels started to investigate the best-known industry experts in the Real Estate industry and in all his searches the name Mark Leader kept coming up. Mark is considered an industry expert with over three decades of real estate experience and is a National Speaker that 90 of the top 100 real estate companies in the world have hired at one time or another. Mark was not only a Hall of Fame Realtor he also had conducted over 2300 speaking engagements across North America and his training program is used by tens of thousands of Realtors around the world. Mark is also a published author sharing book titles with such people as Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey and Bob Proctor just to name a few.


Stuart reached out to Mark and very quickly a relationship began to develop. “After speaking with Mark Leader and listening to his insights on the mind of the realtor and the buying public I knew this was exactly what Nuage needed to move to the next level,” said Hall.


In 2016 Stuart and Mark started working together and by 2018 Leaders Elite was born.


“I looked at the work and the customer feedback from all of the players in the lead gen business and quickly realized what Stuart had created was much different,” said Leader. Stuart was brilliant, he never set out to sell leads to Realtors. What he did was create a platform that generated leads for realtors, effectively cutting the middleman out. This brought the cost of advertising down but more importantly caused the conversion rates to soar, with some customers reporting a 12% to 16% conversion rate. Although with over 350 agents across North America using the system the average is 6% to 8% and is still much higher than any lead system available in the marketplace.


Today Leaders Elite employees over 20 people with offices in Barrie, Ontario, Montreal Quebec and Columbia.


“My focus today is the same as when I started. To make the best real estate lead generation platform in the world so the salespeople that use our system enjoy a career and a quality of life like no other”, said Hall.


With the addition of Mark Leader and his world-class training and coaching now part of the system, the Leader name recognition known for quality, honesty, integrity and results in the industry…we are bringing a dynamite Platform.


“For over 30 years now my goal has always been, how can I help my students make more money in less time while putting more peace and balance in their life. The Leaders Elite Platform does all that and so much more. Today's technology is a game changer and the Leaders Elite Platform is on the cusp of that change and soon will be considered one of the biggest disruptors in the real estate business to come along in 20 years”, said Leader.


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Creative Director


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